Basic Granny Square (Tutorial)

I have a fun granny square project coming up! To make sure it is beginner friendly, I decided to do a picture tutorial on how to make a basic granny square! Granny squares are a fabulous skill to have in your wheelhouse. They are extremely versatile - you can make anything from a simple scarf … Continue reading Basic Granny Square (Tutorial)


Make Your Own Hook Size Stitch Markers

If you are anything like me, you have multiple craft projects in progress at one time. I have at least 5 crochet projects right now in varying stages of completion. A few months ago I came across a project I set aside 7-8 months prior and decided to finish it. Unfortunately, I had opted to … Continue reading Make Your Own Hook Size Stitch Markers

Tips For Selecting Yarn

When I walk into my local art supply store, I am immediately drawn to the yarn section. The color, the texture, the possibilities! ... It's like heaven on earth! When I first started buying yarn, I didn't pay much attention to any aspect of the yarn except aesthetics. ....It's so pretty!!! It's MINE!!!.... Slowly I … Continue reading Tips For Selecting Yarn


Crochet Travel Bag

After I started crocheting, I found myself in many situations where I wished I had my crochet supplies with me. Meeting a friend for lunch but they are running late? Sitting in the doctor or dentist's office for 45 minutes waiting for your turn? Babysitting and the kiddos went to bed hours before their parents … Continue reading Crochet Travel Bag


Things I Learned As A Beginner Crocheter

There are a ton of post available about the things every new crocheter should know, I've read many of them. They are all full of good advice but I've been surprised by the things they don't tend to cover. So here's my list of things I learned as a beginner crocheter that might be helpful. … Continue reading Things I Learned As A Beginner Crocheter


Why Crochet…

I first became aware of crochet when my sister-in-law sat down at Christmas a couple of years ago and started working on... I don't remember what at this point. A scarf or a hat of some kind. She had been crocheting for several months at that point and watching her casually working a big blob … Continue reading Why Crochet…