Christmas Present Throw

I’ve been crocheting for several years now but have never taken the time to make a throw blanket for myself! I’ve given several away as gifts but it was finally time to make one just for me (…and I guess I’ll share with my husband). I decided that it had to be a Christmas throw and I got the idea to make one that looked like a wrapped present. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to (mostly because I didn’t lay it out flat when I added the bow so it’s off center… don’t do what I did) but it’s very soft, squishy, warm, and festive so it’ll do 😀

I chose to use a mixture of metallic white yarn for my white squares and plain white to join all of the squares together. I like the contrast between the squares and the join round. You could use all metallic or all plain white. My favorite part is the bow. I tried using a pattern I found but it was not the right look for my blanket and I decided to freehand this one. I think it turned out pretty well! I’ve included a short tutorial on making the bow at the end.



Want to make your own? Here’s how!


  • Approximately 2,400 yards of medium weight (#4) yarn in red, green and white (I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Metallic Red (approx 680 yds), Metallic Jelly Bean(approx 680 yds), Metallic White(approx 800 yds), and White (approx 240 yds))
  • Crochet hook in the size recommended for your yarn (or a size larger for drape – I went up from the recommended 5.5 to a 6 mm hook because my squares were stiff)
  • measuring tape
  • Yarn needle to weave in ends

Pattern written in US terms

Stitch Abbreviations:

ch – chain
dc – double crochet
Sl st – slip stitch

Special Stitches:

Cluster: 3dc

Make 40 7-inch granny squares: 16 white, 12 red, and 12 green. See my tutorial for how to make them here.

Join each square using 1 round of white yarn and the join-as-you-go crochet method. Join your squares in the order indicated in the chart below.



Once you have joined your squares, attach your green yarn in one corner of your blanket.

ch3 (counts as a dc), 2dc in the ch2 space BEHIND the chain, *Repeat-1: ch1, cluster in each ch1 space, ch1* to the ch2 space (corner). **Repeat-2: In the ch2 space, cluster, ch2, cluster in the same space** repeat 1 & 2 around the square (you will end with a cluster, ch2). Sl st into the top of the ch3 to join the round. Note: this is just extending your granny square around the edge of the blanket. The stitch repeat is the same as when making your granny squares.

Repeat this border round in white, red, and white. 4 border rounds total. Tie off and wave in your ends




  • Approximately 150 yards of medium weight (#4) yarn
  • crochet hook in the size recommended for your yarn
  • measuring tape
  • yarn needle

Pattern notes: turn your work at the end of each row

Stitch Abbreviations:

ch – chain
hdc – half double crochet

Row 1: hdc in the second chain from the hook and all chain stitches

Row 2: ch1, hdc in the first stitch and all stitches in this row

Repeat row 2 until your crochet “ribbon” is approximately 4 inches wide. Change colors if desired.

Tie off and weave in your ends.


Fold your “ribbon” as shown in the photo below. Make sure your tails are approximately the same length.

Turn your bow over. Take a long piece of yarn and thread it through your yarn needle. Attach the yarn at the end where the two tails cross. Weave your yarn through the middle of the back side of your bow making sure to catch both sides of the “ribbon” as you weave through.

Pull the yarn tight to cinch up the bow. Wrap the end of the yarn you used to cinch it up around the center of the bow multiple times and then secure it.

To make the center cover:


Row 1: sc in the second ch from the hook and the next 4 chains

Row 2: *ch1, sc in each stitch* – repeat * until it is 2″ long

When your cover is the desired length, fold the strip in half and slip stitch the chain and last row together to form a band. Slip the band over the bow and into place at the middle. You may wish to secure it with a stitch or two on the back side to keep it in place.

Attach your bow to the middle of your blanket.

I would love to see your projects! If you share photos on social media, please tag me so I can see them! Instagram: @stitchmein_ or hashtags #stitchmein_ #stitchmein_makers   and   Facebook: @StitchMeInbyStephanie

All photos and descriptions used in this tutorial are my own. Please do not copy them. If you would like to share this tutorial, please do so by providing a link to my page.

Happy crocheting!



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