Triple Granny Triangle Shawl

This cute granny stitch triangle shawl can be made larger to make a lovely shawl or smaller for a triangle scarf or shawlette! Just continue adding rows until you reach your desired size. I made mine smaller to be a triangle scarf for a graduation gift and it would be perfect for birthdays, holidays or just because (or just for you!).

The pattern is very easy to follow! If you can triple crochet, you can make this shawl. For my shawl, I used Lion Brand Ice Cream Big Scoop Yarn in Tutti Frutti!

Want to make your own? Here’s How!

German translation and diagram below.
Deutsche Übersetzung und Grafik unten.


  • approximately 490 yards of the yarn of your choice (I have used a worsted weight and light weight yarns with this pattern, bulkier yarns have not been tested – yardage based on calculations from a light weight/#3 yarn)
  • hook size recommended for your yarn (or a size or two larger to achieve a nice drape)
  • yarn needle to weave in ends

This pattern is written in US terms.

ch = chain
slp st = slip stitch
tr = triple crochet

Pattern Notes:

  • The ch5 space will always be the center/point of your shawl. You may want to place a stitch marker in the ch5 space to mark the point of your shawl for easy reference.
  • The ch7 at the beginning of the row = 1tr + ch3
  • Turn your work at the end of each row.
  • I always recommend blocking shawls and scarves to smooth the edges and improve drape.


ch5, slp st into the first ch to join into a circle

Row 1: ch7, 5tr into the ring, ch5, 5tr into the ring, ch3, 1tr into the ring

Row 2: ch7, 5tr into the ch3 space, ch3, 5tr into the next space (the middle/ch5 space), ch5, 5trc into the ch5 space, ch3, 5tr into the ch3 space, ch3, 1tr into the ch3 space

Row 3: ch7, 5tr into the first and all ch3 spaces. In the ch5 spaces – 5tr, ch5, 5tr. In the last ch3 space of the row – 5tr, ch3, 1tr all into the same ch3 space

Repeat Row 3 to your desired size. My shawl is 18 rows (for counting purposes this is  36 tr clusters (a cluster = a set of 5tr together) across the top of the shawl). Once you reach your desired size, weave in your ends and attach fringe, tassels, or pom poms to finish it! I finished my triangle scarf with 4 8-inch strands of fringe in each of the open chain spaces along the sides.

I would love to see your projects! If you share photos on social media, please tag me so I can see them! Instagram: @stitchmein_ or hashtags #stitchmein_ #stitchmein_makers   and    Facebook: @StitchMeInbyStephanie

Items created from any pattern I create may be used to create items for sale. Sale of the written pattern and copy and paste of any pattern I have written is never allowed – please provide credit for the pattern in listings for sale via a direct link to my blog.

Alternate Edging (provided by Bianca S.):


Ch 7, * 3 tr – ch3 picot – 3 tr in first ch 3 space, ch3, 1 sc in 3rd tr (middle of 5 tr cluster, ch3, repeat from * until corner edge. Ch4, 3 tr ch3 picot 3 tr in corner, ch 4, sc in 3rd tr, ch3, repeat from * until last ch3 space. 3 tr ch 3 picot 3 tr ch3 1 tr in last ch 3 space.




German Translation
Translation provided by Bianca S.
Übersetzt von Bianca S.

Granny-Schal aus Doppelstäbchen

* Garn für Nadelstärke 3-4 mm, Lauflänge circa 180m/50g. Prinzipiell kann jedes Garn verwendet werden, das Aussehen des Schals wird dementsprechend anders ausfallen.
* Häkelnadel 4 mm. Bei anderem Garn entsprechende Nadelstärke laut Banderole verwenden.
* Nähnadel zum Faden vernähen

* Das sollte man können: Kettmaschen (KM), Luftmaschen (LM), Doppelstäbchen (DStb)
* Gesamtlänge an Garn circa 450 m.
* Die Spitze besteht immer aus 5 Luftmaschen
* Die Luftmaschen müssen entsprechend locker gearbeitet werden damit sich das Häkelstück nicht verzieht.

0. Reihe: 5 LM mit KM zu Ring schließen  (oder Magic Ring)
1. Reihe: 7 LM (4 LM als Ersatz für das erste DStb plus 3 LM), 5 DSbt in Ring, 5 LM, 5 DStb in Ring, 3 LM, 1 DStb
2. Reihe: 7 LM – 5 DStb in erste 3 LM, 3 LM um 5 DStb überspringen, 5 DStb – 5 LM – 5 DStb in 5 LM Spitze, 3 LM um 5 DStb überspringen, 5 DStb – 3 LM – 1 DStb in 3 LM
3. Reihe: 7 LM – 5 DStb in erste 3 LM, 3 LM um 5 DStb überspringen, 5 DStb in 3 LM, 3LM um 5 DStb überspringen, 5 DStb – 5 LM – 5 DStb in 5 LM Spitze, 3 LM um 5 DStb überspringen, 5 DStb in 3 LM, 3 LM um 5 DStb überspringen, 5 DStb – 3 LM – 1 DStb in 3 LM
4. und folgende Reihen: wie die Dritte Reihe mit entsprechend mehr DStb Gruppen je Reihe
Bis zur gewünschten Größe häkeln. Fäden vernähen und spannen.
Als Abschluss können Fransen in jede Lücke der letzten Reihe angebracht werden ( 4 Fäden mit 20 cm Länge je Lücke)

Diagram provided by Bianca S.
Diagramm erstellt von Bianca S.

StitchMeIn_Tripple_Granny_Shawl_with_Border copy


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