Sea and Sand Granny Blanket

What do you when you want to make a granny blanket but you're trying to whittle down your yarn stash?… Go stash diving and discover a fabulous color combination you probably would not have chosen if you were standing in the yarn aisle with the entire color lineup to choose from, of course! I recently … Continue reading Sea and Sand Granny Blanket

Annabelle’s New Hat (Free Pattern)

Just after New Years Annabelle found us. A neighbor called to ask if we were missing a kitty because she had a kitten who had been trying to get into her house for days and she had called all of the neighbors around her and no one knew where she came from. She was a … Continue reading Annabelle’s New Hat (Free Pattern)

Extended or Elmore Stitches (Tutorial)

Today we have a stitch tutorial! I've been trying to expand my stitch knowledge because there are so many fun stitches out there and when I came across these, I knew I had to share. It's a really fun tweak on traditional stitches. Extended (also called Elmore) stitches take a traditional single, half double, double, … Continue reading Extended or Elmore Stitches (Tutorial)